Sundays With Allison | Fashion Photoshoot | Laraina Hase Photography

Shooting with Allison is never anything short of amazing! She is surely something special and it is always a treat when she models for me. Allison and I have been working together for over a year now. We both work for a clothing boutique in Victoria, Tx called The Palm Tree Boutique. She is our fashion model and I am their photographer. I'll be talking more about them in future posts, but this shoot was more of a 'let's do a random photoshoot' kinda thing.   

I think it's always good for me to get out and be a bit adventurous every once and a while. When I'm not working at The Palm Tree or doing my sessions, i'm at home with my two and a half year old and my 10 month old! A little time out of the house for none other than creative freedom is nice. 

Sundays with Allison | Fashion Photoshoot | Photographer | Laraina Hase Photography